National Park “Cumbres del Ajusco” in Mexico City

35The National Park “Cumbres del Ajusco” is one of the several national parks located in the surrounding areas of Mexico City, and also one of the most popular among locals, probably because of the elevation known as Ajusco, which is visible from any point of the town and which is over 3.900 meters high. Within its limits there are enormous woody areas composed by different tree species like pines and red oaks and other areas covered by high-mountain pasture which create natural landscapes of stunning beauty. This is a breath-taking place that invites you to relax and unwind in during your vacations in Mexico City.

The woods and a large part of the extension of this park are threatened by the constant advance of urbanization which has expanded without any control over the lower areas that are close to the park. This phenomenon has been taking place since the middle XX century. The area encompassed by the park is located within the mountain system known as Sierra de Ajusco-Chichinauhtzin, which delimits a huge part of the southern area of the Valley of Mexico, bordering with the Sierra de la Cruces to the West and with the Sierra Nevada to the East. All these systems of mountains are part if the Eje Neovolcanico that crosses the central area of the country.

Once you enter the National Park “Cumbres del Ajusco” in Mexico City you will be able to enjoy foresta reas with pines and some areas coverd by high mountain pastures that allow you to be surprised by natural landscapes of stunning beauty. It is worth pointing out that many tourists who tour the National Park do it during the weekend with the aim to have breakfast in the Mexican food stalls that are located by the Picacho road or to practice mountaineering in the kilometer 21.5 of the same road, where is located a hostel near the Cantimplora Valley.

But that is not all! Here precisely is where locals and tour companies will invite you to practice extreme sports such as renting a bike to tour the forrest or playing paintball – game during which the players use markers charged with color balls of paint to hit the opponents.

However, if you are naturalist or an ecotourist you might be wondering what about the local flora and fauna? Well, when it comes to flora, the park is filled by tree species such as the fir tree, the arbutus, the juniper, and the red oak. As regards the fauna, you will find all kinds of small animals like snakes, bats, and an infinity of bird species that live here protected from the dangers of the city life.

The National Park “Cumbres del Ajusco” is without doubt a beautiful protected area you must visit during your next trip to Mexico City. Take the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones or to connect with nature on your own. There are many things you can do here, and the most interesting part is that you are free to use your imagination as long as you don’t harm the environment!

Florencia Falco


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